PCMH-Kids: Updates on the Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) Learning Collaborative

  • 19 Dec 2016

Focusing on the needs of children who have attention deficit and hyperactive disorders, supporting families and sharing “best practice” learning among pediatric practices are seen as critical elements to the success of practice transformation, as well as improving population health.  With this in mind, the six PCMH-Kids practices that are participating in the ADHD Learning Collaborative came together for their quarterly meeting on 12/8/16 to discuss work their practice sites are doing to implement evidence based practice guidelines and behavioral health care strategies to support families and improve care for children with ADHD.

CTC-RI recently conducted a survey asking practices involved in the Pediatric IBH/ADHD Learning Collaborative to indicate any challenges that they were facing in accessing BH services.   The content experts, Deb Lobato, PhD and Liz Cantor, PhD reviewed the survey results with the group and discussed ways in which they can help their corresponding practices.

CTC additionally invited health plans to provide information on some of the resources and “points of contact” that are available to assist families that have children with ADHD (that information can be found here). Practices were also encouraged to call the health plans when they are dealing with complex patients to see what resources the health plans can provide.

CTC is also excited to let all PCMH-Kids practices know that we have secured funding from Tufts, and will be offering a new integrated behavioral health learning opportunity with a focus on Maternal Depression. 

Similar to the ADHD learning collaborative, CTC will be developing a “Call for Applications” with Cooperative Agreements to help support practice participation. 

Please save the date for the PCMH-Kids Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative focused on Maternal Depression  on April 27, 2017 at the Rhode Island Shriners Imperial Room- 1 Rhodes Place-Warwick, RI. 

We look forward to working together in our on-going efforts to provide “best practice” pediatric care.

The agenda, registration, intended audience and information on the Maternal Depression Learning Collaborative Cooperative Agreement will be sent out soon.