CTC-RI Seeking Participation in National Primary Care Survey

  • 02 Nov 2020

CTC-RI is still encouraging RI provider participation in the Larry A. Green Center / Primary Care Collaborative 3-minute clinician surveys to better understand the response and capacity of the US primary care practices through COVID-19, with the next survey release on Nov. 13, with plans to continue these surveys through 2020 or beyond.

Key messages found in survey results from RI clinicians fielded Oct. 16-19 include:

  • Over half of RI providers that responded to the survey reported that they were experiencing high to severe strain on their practice (56%)
  • Stressors: In the past 4 weeks, RI providers responded to the survey that:
    • Mental health of patients has decreased during the pandemic (88%)
    • There’s a rise of COVID-19 illness in the community (56%)
    • Patients are getting tested for COVID-19 but results take more than 2 days to receive (56%)
  • Telehealth: RI providers responded to the survey that:
    • Telehealth is being used to screen sick patients to prevent unnecessary exposure within the practice (75%)
    • They started to increase use of telehealth as part of plan for flu season (63%)
    • Telehealth has been important for their capacity to see patients (63%)