June Quarterly Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Committee Meeting

  • 01 Jul 2020

On June 11, CTC-RI held a virtual IBH Committee meeting. Dr. Burdette facilitated a discussion on COVID-19 and the impact its having on patients needing behavioral health services and on clinicians. Nelly then reviewed the results of the Tele-Behavioral Health survey that CTC-RI conducted, outlining some of the barriers and benefits practices and patients have experienced using telemedicine technology for providing care. There was discussion on topics of interest for a Tele-Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative. OHIC's finalized Affordability Standards (& presentation) were discussed including next steps for supporting practices in becoming qualified IBH Primary Care Practices and earning NCQA Behavioral Health distinction. Results from the Brown IBH matched comparison evaluation study were presented which demonstrated reductions in ED and office visits for both cohorts. Dr. Burdette provided a summary of the Spring Online IBH practice facilitation program and Jody Vierra, one of the participants in the learning program, reflected on how the didactic learning, combined with the peer coaching calls, provided her with a very helpful learning experience. Next IBH Online Practice Facilitation course is offered in Fall 2020. Interested course participants should submit this application and CV or resume to CTCIBH@ctc-ri.org by August 31.


The next IBH meeting, focused on Pediatric IBH, will be held on July 16, 2020 via Zoom (only) from 7:30-9:00am. Pediatric practices enrolled in the RIF Pediatric IBH program will report out on their progress with universal screening and implementing integrated behavioral health services within pediatric practices. Wendy Plante, PhD, and Adam Pallant, MD, PhD will be presenting on "No, it's not all in your head": Messages and methods in treating kids with somatic symptoms. All are invited to attend the meeting.