Frontline RI Primary Care Provider Survey Results: Impact of COVID-19

  • 01 Jul 2020

The Larry A. Green Center, in partnership with the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC), has been conducting a weekly, 3-minute clinician survey since mid-March to better understand the response and capacity of US primary care practices to COVID-19. CTC-RI has been promoting this effort since mid-April by distributing the weekly surveys every Friday to more than 800 CTC-RI primary care contacts and encouraging participation by providers. 


Outlined below are some key Rhode Island takeaways from the June 12-15 data collection period:

  • Strain on practices continues to decline (45% compared to 63% last week).
  • Despite this trend, RI Providers provided the following comments regarding closing practices:
    • "Feels like a suicide mission. I quit."
    • "Leaving practice. Very sad."
  • RI providers psychological well-being has somewhat suffered because of work.
  • Patients mostly responded well to changes in the office, such as wearing masks.
  • Resources were mostly available to help with COVID-19 related job stress.
  • COVID-19 stresses experienced in the last 4 weeks:
    • Non-face-to-face volume at all-time high (60%)
    • Need to layoff/furlough clinicians/staff (50%)
    • Face-to-face patient volume lower by 30% (50%)

Please note that you may use all data and reports for dissemination purposes both internally and externally without additional permissions, provided that you attribute the data to the Larry A Green Center.


Compiled summary of Rhode Island results

National executive summary