Care Delivery Design Work Moves into the Second Year

  • 18 May 2021

In April 2020, CTC-RI was charged by OHIC and Medicaid to assist in accelerating the adoption of comprehensive primary care capitation. CTC-RI sponsored an accelerated 4-month effort to define critical factors of Care Delivery Design to “maximize success in Comprehensive Primary Care Capitation (CPCC) within Total Cost of Care (TCOC) risk.” Now CTC-RI is continuing to build on the care delivery design work we began last spring. A CTC-RI committee of 20 representatives from practices, health plans, OHIC, and other stakeholder groups has continued to meet to push the work forward. This work aligns well with the recently released report and recommendations on “High Quality Primary Care” from the National Academies of Science Engineering Medicine.

The work of the committee continues to be focused on creating readiness for CPCC. The June 11 Breakfast of Champions will feature a panel of providers working under capitated care, and CTC-RI is developing a white paper to describe the work of the CTC-RI Clinical Strategy Committee and provide detailed recommendations to better align commercial and Medicaid capitation methodologies and targets.

The committee has also developed an integrated learning plan which lays out the efforts of CTC-RI to convene primary care stakeholders in sharing best practices and setting priorities. The plan serves as a snapshot of the alignment between topics and workgroups, as well as identifies learning priorities for the rest of the year.

More information about the Care Delivery Design project, including a comprehensive set of resources, can be accessed via the "Components of Care Delivery Models for CPCC/TCOC" presentations on the CTC-RI website: Adult | Pediatric.