Breakfast of Champions Addresses Adult & Pediatric Asthma Solutions and Guidelines

  • 21 Mar 2022

In the groundbreaking March session, the Breakfast of Champions brought together nearly 80 health care leaders to share and learn about updated asthma guidelines, discuss practical considerations, and learn about specific projects to improve asthma care in children and families focused on a practice-based pharmacy led intervention, school-based training efforts and a collaborative effort to integrate clinical support, as well as impact upstream causes in a targeted zip code to reduce ED utilization in pediatric patients. This exciting event was moderated by Patricia Flanagan, MD, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, & Brown Univ. pediatrics professor.

Dr. Mansi James, Board-Certified Allergist, Immunologist, Providence Community Health Center (PCHC), presented on the 2020 asthma updates followed by a brief question and answer. Presentations and panel discussions continued with Lillian Nieves, PharmD, Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services, PCHC; Garry Bliss, Program Director, Medicaid AE, Prospect CharterCARE; and Elizabeth McQuaid, PhD, Hasbro Child Psychology Director, and Director of Clinical Psychology Division, Dept. Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown Univ.

Here are links to the presentation, recording, and CME request/evaluation.