CTC launches UnitedHealthcare-funded IBH Primary Care Program for 9 primary care practice sites

  • 12 Mar 2019

On February 28, 2019, CTC launched our kickoff meeting for the 9 primary care practice sites that are participating in the one-year IBH primary care program that has been funded by UnitedHealthcare. This IBH expansion includes 30 providers and 70,000+ patients.

Some of the primary care practices are in the process of recruiting integrated care clinicians who have finely honed clinical assessment skills and are interested in working as a team member within the primary care practice environment. If you know of a clinician who is action-oriented, and wants to help patients increase their self-management skills, they can contact Carolyn Karner at Ckarner@ctc-ri.org who will help contact the clinician with practices who are looking to hire.