Healthy Tomorrows May 2022 Quarterly Joint Learning Collaborative

  • 13 Jun 2022

With the support of the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) and Tufts Health Plan, pediatric medical homes and providers from the family visiting program continue to improve communication and care coordination with a specific focus on improving well-child care.

In May, participating pediatric medical homes and family visiting convened for their quarterly learning collaborative. In this learning session, pediatric and family visiting participants were able to share about their work, review data and the KIDSNET family visiting report, and learn about the family experience from the family consultant. View the meeting presentation here.

RIDOH shared data on the successes of each participating family visiting program in areas such as screening, assessments, and adherence to medical visits. Caregivers and children across all programs received screenings such as maternal depression, substance use, age-appropriate development, and quality of the parent-child relationship. Vital medical visits, such as postpartum and well-child, were shown to have a higher completion rate for families enrolled with family visiting. This quantitative data was further supported by the family consultant who shared how valuable it was to have a family visitor and how this connection translated to a more comfortable relationship with the pediatrician. From the family consultant feedback, it was clear that families feel more supported when they have family visiting and the pediatric medical home partner together to work alongside them to keep their family safe, happy, and healthy.

Learning collaborative teams have continued to work with the practice facilitator monthly to identify patients, improve family visiting knowledge, and plan for or continue case conferences. Teams will meet again in August to discuss quality improvement activities around sharing information and care coordination as well as case conferencing.

Thank you to RIDOH, the learning collaborative participants, and family consultant for a great quarterly meeting.


Participants and Family Consultant

Hasbro Pediatric Primary Care*

BVCAP Parents as Teachers*

BVCAP Healthy Families America*

Providence Community Health Centers*

Meeting Street Healthy Families America*

Coastal Narragansett Bay Pediatrics

Westerly School Parents as Teachers

East Bay Health Center

EBCAP Healthy Families America

Kiana Cruz (Family Consultant)

Children’s Friend Healthy Families America

*Family visiting program and pediatric practice with multiple partners.