Update: Clinical Strategy Committee

  • 04 Mar 2021

The February meeting started with a presentation by Somava Saha, MD, MS, Well Being and Equity (WE) in the World and Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network and Craig Jones, MD, Partner, Capitol Health Associates on the community health team statewide core infrastructure investment and payment discussions. This was a preview of information which will be expanded upon at the CHT Oversight Committee – Building Community Clinical Linkages Meeting on February 26. Meeting time was also dedicated to a review of the February OHIC-Sponsored Meeting on Vermont Practice Experience with Capitation with next steps being discussed. There was also an announcement of a joint CTC-RI/PCMH Kids and RIAAP meeting on March 31, 5-6:30pm to provide education on the fundamental advancements of comprehensive primary care capitation with special attention to pediatrics. Discussants will include Cory King from OHIC, John Freedman MD, Mary Jo Condon, Pat Flanagan, and Beth Lange. Additional topics were discussed regarding pandemic-related issues to include decrease in office visits especially in pediatrics. The relaxation of the 366-day rule regarding well-visits in pediatrics is seen as very important. Finally, there was a panel discussion led by Andrea Galgay, MBA, COO RIPCPC; Edward McGookin, MD MS, Coastal Medical CMO; and Peter Hollmann, MD, Brown Medicine CMO on data dissemination to practices and providers to improve care. Andrea’s presentation shared general principles and reporting examples at the peer comparisons POD-level, practice-level provider patients to goal, and at the patient-level.