CTC RI to Partner with xG Learn System for Standardized Nurse Care Manager on Line Curriculum

  • 19 Dec 2016

New nurse care managers and care coordinators have frequently indicated that it would be helpful to have a more structured, “on-boarding” process to improve their abilities to work with the practice team in meeting the needs of complex patients.  Experienced care coordinators have recommended that they would also benefit from on-going evidence based learning opportunities to assist them with best managing their day in providing care to high risk patients. Providing additional NCM/CC educational support is also seen as a key strategy to assist small primary care practices when they need to integrate NCM/CC into the work setting.   With this in mind, CTC formed a NCM/CC Training Selection sub-committee of nurses, care coordinators and health plan representatives that were charged with identifying and evaluating evidence based NCM/CC training programs. 

Based on NCM/CC Training Selection Committee recommendations and Board of Director approval, CTC will partner with xG Learn System, to pilot use of the care management training program which offers a multi-modality adult learning system using multimedia online and in-person training and practice-site immersion experiences.  Additionally, CTC will offer workforce development opportunities for experienced NCM/CC to become faculty preceptors and partner with xG Learn in conducting "Train the Trainer” management education.  Selected NCM/CC faculty will participate in the online care management training program, interactive coaching sessions and become certified as a Case Manger Facilitator.  

The NCM/CC Selection Committee will continue to meet to develop faculty job descriptions, recruitment and selection progress for on-boarding and certifying NCM/CC faculty.  The committee will additionally develop guidelines for core curriculum implementation and develop an implementation work plan.  CTC would like to thank the members of the Selection Committee : Kathleen Simon, Brenda McGovern, Colleen Polselli, Deb Golding, Deborah Garneau, Elizabeth Lange, Andrea Galgay, Deb Powers, Jeanne Brockway, Maureen Claflin, Patricia Flanagan, Dale Rogoff Greer, Tilak Verma, Yvonne Heredia, Candice Brown, Debra Hurwitz, Susanne Campbell, and Pano Yeracaris.  The committee will obtain additional feedback at NCM/CC Best Practice Committee meetings to effectively implement the training program. Please contact ctcri@umassmed.edu if you are interested in joining the NCM/CC training sub-committee. 

CTC would especially like to acknowledge UnitedHealth Care for providing the funding to support this important work force development initiative.