Update: PCMH Kids Stakeholder Meeting

  • 02 Nov 2020

On October 4, CTC-RI / PCMH Kids hosted another virtual PCMH Kids Stakeholder meeting. Drs. Flanagan and Lange provided an update on the Pediatric Relief Fund and Pediatric Advisory Board activities. As of September 15, Kindergarten Readiness and Kindergarteners with 2 MMR Immunization status are surpassing last year’s September immunization rates, and immunization and lead screening rates among 7th graders have significantly improved since July 15, 2020. The group applauded PCMH Kids Cohort 3 for achieving their immunization target. Drs. Flanagan and Lange provided an update on how school reopening plans were progressing and opened up the discussion for best practice sharing. The meeting wrapped up with a review of upcoming programs that pediatric practices might be interested in.