Update on Comprehensive Primary Care plus (CPC+) and 2017 CTC-RI Expansion

  • 30 Sep 2016

Comprehensive Care Plus (CPC+) is a CMS initiative designed to reward value and quality by offering an innovative payment structure to support comprehensive primary care.  CMS selected Rhode Island as one of 14 geographic areas throughout the U.S. that will be participating in this advanced payment model.  Primary care practices interested in applying for CPC+ had a submission application deadline of 9/15/16.  It is anticipated that CMS will make a determination of practice selection by November with an anticipated contract start date of 1/1/2017. 

CTC-RI will automatically include the CPC + track 1 non-ACO practices in the CTC 2017 expansion.  These practices will have the added benefit of participating in a 3 year multi-payer contract that will provide added infrastructure payment and on-site practice facilitation assistance to support practices with meeting transformation goals.  See CTC CPC +Information Session Slides for more information about the implementation of CPC+ and CTC initiatives. 

In early October, CTC-RI will be issuing a “Call for Applications” for up to 30 primary care practices for the 2017 expansion.  Non-ACO primary care practices that have successfully applied for CPC+ Track 1 will be automatically accepted into the CTC expansion and those practices will not be required to additionally complete a CTC expansion application.

Stay tuned for the CTC “Call for Applications” which will provide eligibility details for adult and pediatric practices that can apply for the 2017 CTC expansion.