CTC-RI Clinical Strategy Committee September 2020 Meeting

  • 21 Sep 2020

The CTC-RI Clinical Strategy Committee met on September 18 to discuss pandemic-related updates and other issues to include flu vaccine targets, outreach and supply. Expanding IBH, CHWs, and remote monitoring were some of the immediate issues and activities prioritized at practice and SOC levels. Infant home visiting programs with PCMHs (Healthy Tomorrows) is a new project. Because of the drop off in nursing home admissions, health plan priorities include determining if home health agencies are ready for same-day visits. Telemonitoring and telemedicine would be another interest for the group. A registry for adults which will be brought up with the HIT Roadmap Steering Committee. The Care Delivery Design work stream has commenced with a focus to help practices and SOC maximize success under comprehensive primary care capitation and Total Cost of Care risk. Pano Yeracaris, MD MPH, CTC-RI Chief Clinical Strategist, and Mary Jo Condon, Freedman Healthcare Senior Consultant, reviewed the ongoing Care Delivery Design for Comprehensive Primary Care Capitation to categorize competencies into “must have”, “good to have” and “not necessary” buckets. These will help inform the development of the practice and self-assessment tool. A steering committee has been formed and an intensification of meetings are planned through at least December. Finally, Matthew Collins, MD, BCBSRI Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer presented the AAMC Project Core. There was interest in a spring collaborative around the e-consult project and will reach out to AAMC to present at the next meeting.