NCM/CC Best Practice Sharing: Using Unite Us to Connect People to Care

  • 14 Sep 2021

Unite Rhode Island connects community partners (such as social service organizations, government agencies, and health care providers) to deliver integrated whole person care through a shared technology platform (Unite Us) to address social determinants of health in Rhode Island. Emma Romey and Imani Podradsky of Unite Us provided an overview and demonstration of Unite Us functionality. Garry Bliss shared why Prospect Health Services selected Unite Us and then Rosemarie Sepe, Prospect Health Services, and Amy Neveu and Anna Flynn, both of Coastal Medical, provided firsthand accounts of their experiences working with the Unite Us platform and team. Community-based representatives such as Donald Laliberte of KidsLink, Emily Garthee of RIPIN and Allegra Scharff of RIDOH also shared their experiences with the Unite Us platform and team, from the receiving side of referrals.

EOHHS’s recent announcement and support is important for the continued success of the Unite Rhode Island network, as it expands across the state. Joining the network is free of cost for community-based organizations and nonprofits and many organizations that are considered part of the safety net, like community health centers, tribal clinics, and mental health centers.