CTC-RI Hosts Pharmacy Quality Improvement Best Practice Meeting

  • 14 Sep 2021

CTC-RI hosted its quarterly peer learning best practice sharing meeting in August. Seven practices working within systems of care reported out on their data-driven pharmacy quality improvement performance plans aimed to reduce preventable hospitalizations and emergency department usage through team-based care. Each team is focusing on a particular AIM and had the opportunity to present on how they plan to overcome the challenges they are facing.

The Pharmacy Quality Improvement Initiative is funded by UnitedHealthcare and the Rhode Island Department of Health, offered in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy, with Kelley Doherty Sanzen, PharmD, PAHM, CDOE providing content expert pharmacy practice facilitation services for participating practices. During the infrastructure period of this initiative, staff members were asked to complete a well-being survey. Over 100 staff members completed the well-being survey and results of these findings were shared. At the end of the learning collaborative, team members will be asked to provide well-being feedback so that CTC-RI can assess if improving team-based care has had an impact on team well-being.