RI Diabetes Health Equity Challenge Progress Continues, Community Invited to Sept. 18 Learning Collaborative

  • 02 Sep 2020

Almost four months into the Diabetes Health Equity Challenge, the two teams have made tremendous progress towards developing and implementing their action plans. Teams met on August 12 for their last Momentum Call prior to the final September 18 learning collaborative. The East Bay Community Action team and the Pawtucket/Central Falls team presented on their progress, successes, and upcoming challenges. Somava Saha, MD, MS, Executive Director Lead from Well Being in the Nation facilitated the discussion on aligning strategies in each of the four Pathways to Population Health portfolios. The WE Team offered tools and models to address September goals and help overcome barriers. Teams are proud of the progress have have made and continue to meet weekly to prepare for their final story boards.

Our larger community of RI Stakeholders are invited to join the RI Diabetes Health Equity Challenge teams on September 18 (9-11am) to better understand how:

  • Teams are applying population health tools to rapidly assess and address equity issues alongside community partners to create short, medium, and long-term solutions
  • Teams have strategically moved to action, learned about the system, and adapted in real time
  • You can sustainably address equity by developing a balanced portfolio of action