Media Spotlight – AANP: A Commitment to the Patient-centered Approach to Care

  • 02 Sep 2020

The Patient-centered Medical Home (PCMH) model places patients at the forefront of care, which is exactly why AANP member and CTC-RI practice A to Z Primary Care, sought out this recognition for its practice.

"I've been a nurse since 1971, and I worked on the trauma ward in the intensive care unit [ICU] for many years," says Ms. Parker. She then went into primary care, following her desire to create strong patient relationships and move into private practice. Now her practice, A to Z Primary Care, has been operating for nine years.

"Though I became the first independent nurse practitioner [NP] in the state, it took the insurance companies a while to recognize that. I've also opened up an urgent care, which I currently have a per diem relationship with, and both practices have worked together beautifully," she says. "For me and my team, it's all about relationships, being kind and helping others. We like to say that we offer concierge medicine without the extra cost."

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