Practice Reporting and Transformation Committee Updates and Resources

  • 28 Jun 2019

Practice Reporting and Transformation Updates 

Utilization Performance: One of the advantages of being part of CTC-RI and PCMH Kids is having access to All-Payer Claims Data (APCD) and utilization performance practice information provided by the Onpoint Health Data analytics team. CTC-RI project management provided information to adult and PCMH Kids practices on the recent "run" of utilization performance which is based on APCD.  CTC project management staff have been trained as "super users" and can assist practices with learning how to access the Onpoint Health Data portal and generate practice-specific utilization performance data (for more information contact 

CAHPS: CTC-RI contracts with DataStat, a certified NCQA vendor to perform the CAHPS Patient-Centered Medical Home adult and child customer experience survey process. DataStat will be providing a training on the CAHPS sampling process and practice responsibility for submitting patient panel information during the July 24 Practice Reporting and Transformation Committee meeting. CTC-RI is able to offer practices the opportunity to participate in the CAHPS survey process based on multi-payer funding support. Practices interested in participating in the CAHPS survey process, that are not presently participating in the CTC Common Contract, may do so by contacting CTC-RI is able to offer a discounted rate of payment. 

Transition of Care: How to use the RIQI Health Information Exchange: Peggy Menna and Jennifer Cormier provided helpful information on how practices can use the resources that are available through RIQI to assist with meeting transition of care requirements.