National Survey Results Show Frontline RI Primary Care Needs During COVID-19 Crisis 

  • 28 May 2020

The Larry A. Green Center, in partnership with the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC), has been conducting a weekly, 3-minute clinician survey since mid-March to better understand the response and capacity of primary care practices across the country to COVID-19. CTC-RI has been promoting this effort since by distributing the survey links every Friday to more than 800 CTC-RI primary care practices contacts.

Rhode Island provider participation is highly encouraged and needed. The weekly survey is distributed by CTC-RI on Fridays, with a quick turnaround of responses due the following Monday. In addition to CTC-RI's distribution, the weekly survey can be found at

Outlined below are some key messages from the recent May 15-18 survey results highlighting local Rhode Island data:

  • 73% of Rhode Island providers reported that they were experiencing severe to high levels of stress, down 10% from the previous week. Highest contributors of stress continue to be:
    • Limiting well/chronic care visits by patients (83%)
    • Patients unable to use virtual technology (73%)
    • Lack of PPE (66% - higher than the national average of 59%)
  • Rhode Island providers responded that over the past 8 weeks, they have had very little ability to screen for PTSD, depression, or anxiety, and to evaluate new symptoms, acute injuries, and accidents.
  • 58% of Rhode Island clinicians felt predictable payments for essential set of meaningful measures was a better payment structure to weather the COVID-19 pandemic. 55% of clinicians also felt that payment of any kind at this point was needed.

Please note that you may use all data and reports for dissemination purposes both internally and externally without additional permissions, provided that you attribute the data to the Larry A Green Center.