Telehealth Learning Collaborative Practices Share Successes and Challenges at Quarterly Meeting

  • 18 May 2021

Last week, 21 practices with representation from both pediatric and adult primary care practices participating in the Telehealth Learning Collaborative came together for a quarterly meeting to share progress and challenges in implementing technology to improve care of patients with chronic conditions.

The collaborative, "Using Technology to Improve Care for Patients with Chronic Conditions," is funded by UnitedHealthcare and authorized CARES Act funds. The initiative supports practices to develop and implement a project to increase the use of telehealth in managing chronic conditions. 

Practices in Cohort 1 kicked off their projects in March, so the May 12 meeting was a well-timed opportunity for practices in both Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 to come together and learn about the work completed so far. Nine Cohort 1 practices shared their experiences around staff and provider engagement, workflow, technology and patient engagement. 

We're excited to see how the work in the collaborative evolves, and how the lessons learned can be disseminated to a wider group of RI primary care providers. You can learn more about the telehealth learning collaborative, as well as access meeting and resource  materials on our website.

Below, particpants shared their feelings about their telehealth projects so far: