Nurse Care Manager Meeting Highlights Improving Development Screening and Lead Screening through Community Clinical Linkages

  • 18 May 2021

May’s NCM/CC Best Practice Sharing meeting highlighted multiple different community clinical linkages to support childhood development and lead screening. Beth Lange, MD, PCMH Kids Co-Chair, facilitated a conversation on how PCMH Kids practices are improving care by standardizing workflows and using data to improve identification of children and families in need of follow-up.

Sara Remington, RIDOH Office of Family Visiting, kicked the presentation off with an overview of their program, which provides supports to children and families prenatally through age four. Casey Ferrara, M.Ed., Director Early Childhood Programs, followed up by introducing the Meeting Street programs, while her colleague Cris Massey presented a case study of a RI mother of four who engaged with the Healthy Families America program. Cris worked with the mom to address her needs which resulted in improved engagement with the pediatric practice. To round out the meeting, Michelle Almeida provided an overview of lead screening efforts in the state, and Janet Limoges of KIDSNET demonstrated how practices can use their portal to track family visiting and lead screening.

You can access the presentation, which contains referral information for each program, on our website.