IBH Committee Meeting: Focus on Children’s Behavioral Health

  • 18 May 2021
At the May 13 Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Committee meeting, Marti Rosenberg, MPS, RI EOHHS Director of Policy, Planning, and Research and Susan Lindberg, LICSW, RI DCYF Associate Director, Community Services & Behavioral Health, presented on the Children’s Behavioral Health System of Care. Marti set the stage on the current environment of children’s behavioral health in Rhode Island, pointing out that today’s system is fragmented and difficult to navigate for parents. Susan reviewed with the group a draft proposal of integrated “System of Care” for children’s behavioral health with the 1st-year priorities focused on a single point of access and statewide 24/7 mobile response and stabilization services. The Children’s Behavioral Health System of Care presentation can be found here.
**Please note, the next quarterly IBH meeting, focused on pediatrics has been moved to July 15. Practices involved in the Pediatric IBH Learning Collaborative will continue to share challenges and best practices. As a segue to our April topic on childhood obesity and mental health, content experts will be discussing research involving adolescent eating disorders.