CTC-RI Community Health Teams and SBIRT Screeners Take Advantage of Unique Training Opportunities

  • 18 May 2021

During the month of April, Community Health Teams and SBIRT screeners had the opportunity to participate in 2 unique trainings. On April 14, Jope Consulting Services hosted Part 2 of an online Motivational Interviewing (MI) training. Twenty-two attendees were able to enhance their skillsets associated with supporting individuals facilitate behavior changes. Motivational interviewing is used in a wide variety of fields which is certified as an evidence-based practice by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). CTC-RI supported another training on April 28 with MLPB on "Federal Disability Benefits". During this training, teams learned to recognize public policies that support (and harm) sick and disabled workers. Attendees learned to identify legal protections to keep employment during medical leave and available income supports for those who can no longer work.