CTC Welcomes 17 Pediatric Primary Care Practice Sites to PCMH-Kids

  • 30 Apr 2019

CTC launched the next round of its PCMH-Kids initiative with a kickoff meeting to welcome and set expectations for the expansion group (Cohort 3) on April 11th. PCMH-Kids leadership, Dr. Lange and Dr. Flanagan, welcomed the Cohort 3 practices and shared background information on the PCMH-Kids program

Dr. Yeracaris reviewed the expectations of the 3-year program and Susanne Campbell followed up with a brief content review of the Resource Binder that each practice received. PCMH-Kids Cohort 1 and 2 Providers and Care Coordinators shared their experiences and answered questions from the new participants. Practice Facilitators and System of Care Representatives were also on hand to meet with their assigned practices and answer questions or concerns regarding the help and services available. Overall, Cohort 3 practices are off to a great start with their enthusiasm and interest.

This PCMH-Kids expansion is due to begin its common contract with the health plans in July 2019. In the meantime, assigned practice facilitators will begin to work with these practices, helping gear up for the official start of the program. With this expansion, PCMH-Kids will now represent more than 50% of the children in Rhode Island and more than 80% of the state's pediatric Medicaid population.