PCMH Kids: Postpartum Maternal Depression Screening Learning Collaborative Opportunity

  • 28 Mar 2017

A guiding principle of the PCMH-Kids initiative is that patient centered medical homes address the physical, developmental, behavioral, social, emotional, environmental, and oral health needs of children and youth. As such, the Care Transformation Collaborative of RI (CTC-RI), Tuft Health Plan, and the RI State Innovation Model (SIM) have provided funding for PCMH-Kids pilot practices to participate in a behavioral health learning collaborative focused on Postpartum  Maternal Depression Screening within PMCH Kids practice sites. Practices that are interested in participating in the Maternal Depression Learning Collaborative are asked to sign the Project Cooperative Agreement and return to Michele Brown at Michele.Brown@umassmed.edu by 4/21/17.

On April 26, 2017, all PCMH-Kids practices are invited to participate in the Postpartum Maternal Depression Screening learning collaborative will take place at the RI Shriners Imperial Room-1 Rhodes Place-Cranston.  The first half of the collaborative will include a report out and story board presentations from the six practices that participated in the first BH Learning Collaborative focused on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  The second-half of the morning will feature presentations on Postpartum Maternal Depression Screening.  PCMH-Kids practice sites will additionally have time to work with their team members to define a Postpartum Maternal Depression screening AIM statement, a unit of measure, and action plan.  After the collaborative, PCMH-Kids practices will be expected to implement a continuous quality improvement project.  The participating pediatric practices will receive stipends for learning collaborative participation, additional facilitation hours to help them implement and present project results, and participate in quarterly learning network meetings.

Recommended attendees include no fewer than 3 people from the PCMH-Kids practice (the provider champion, care coordinator, and office manager)

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Primary care practices who provide pediatric services that are not part of PMCH-Kids, as well as other interested parties, are welcomed to join.

We look forward to seeing you at this event.