Integrated Behavioral Health Practice Facilitation training program extended

  • 06 Feb 2019

CTC is proud to announce that, with funding from Tufts Health Plan, we have been able to extend the Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Practice Facilitator training program. This month, CTC has accepted three more applicants to become certified IBH Practice Facilitators. The certification program is the first known training in the country specific to IBH in primary care within a practice facilitation framework. 

The applicants include a licensed clinical psychologist (PhD), an MS in Child and Adult Psychiatric Nursing and a licensed mental health clinician. The new IBH Practice Facilitators are: Liz Cantor PhD (Consultant), Jayne Daylor RN MS (Practice Facilitator with CTC, Program Manager GWEP program at URI and Faculty for Geisinger Nurse Care Manager Training Program), and Sara deCarvalho LMFC (Behavioral Health Program Coordinator RIPCP/Integra).

Following the 3-month training the facilitators will have the opportunity to work with CTC on various IBH initiatives. Nelly Burdette, Psy.D, CTC Senior IBH Program Leader, will observe and coach the trainees to successfully perform IBH work. Additionally, CTC is working with a videographer to tape the IBH practice facilitation training program and will convert training to a IBH eLearning platform with content that is appropriate for distance learning.