CTC launches pilot program to improve collaboration between primary care and specialists

  • 06 Feb 2019

The American College of Physicians and CTC have entered into a pilot program as they work together to offer RI primary care and specialty practices the opportunity to enroll and participate in ACP's High-Value Care Collaborative (HVCC) Learning Program. This training program will help improve communication between primary care and sub-specialist doctors thereby benefitting the specialist practice, referring clinicians, and patients alike. The goals are to connect care and build the medical neighborhood so that:

  1. Patients see the right specialist with the right information and communication back to PCP is timely and complete
  2. Specialists see appropriate referrals with all information that they need
  3. PCPs get the necessary information to better manage patients and develop stronger specialist relationships. 

The launch kickoff is planned for February 19th. The 21 enrolled practices represent 11 primary care and 10 specialist practices.