PCMH Kids Stakeholder Meeting Highlights

  • 03 Feb 2020

On January 16, CTC-RI / PCMH Kids hosted a PCMH Kids Stakeholder meeting. Deborah Masland, Senior Program Director at RI Parent Information Network (RIPIN), raised the group's awareness of a new position within RIPIN, the Family Care Liaison, to help practices navigate services needed for high-risk families. Drs. Lange and Flanagan facilitated a group discussion with practices, reflecting on the challenges and successes in 2019, and reviewing plans for 2020. Drs. Lange and Flanagan continue to be strong advocates for PCMH Kids practices. 

Charged with guiding and driving the activities of the PCMH Kids initiative, the Stakeholder Committee meeting was well attended with over 40 participants from new and old PCMH Kids practices and health plans.