July PCMH Kids Stakeholders Provide Input for the Strategic Plan

  • 07 Jul 2021

The July 1 CTC-RI/PCMH Kids Stakeholder meeting provided an opportunity for attendees to offer input for the CTC-RI/PCMH Kids strategic plan. Drs. Flanagan and Lange provided historical background information on the CTC-RI/PCMH Kids Stakeholder committee which helped create the PCMH Kids program. Jim Berson from Fio Partners facilitated the strategic planning discussion using Google’s online collaborative whiteboard technology, Jamboard. We want to continue to capture as many great ideas as possible and over the next couple of weeks, you can continue to add comments to the Jamboard session by clicking on this link. Click here for more information on how to use Jamboard. Please feel free to share this link with your colleagues. Drs. Flanagan and Lange closed the meeting with a quick review of various pediatric initiatives that are taking place.

In addition, the PCMH Kids strategic planning survey is still open for comment. If you have not completed the survey, your feedback is greatly appreciated as the questions asked in the survey are different than those that are posed in the Jamboard session. Your input will help inform the CTC-RI/PCMH Kids strategic plan and is needed so that PCMH Kids can be positioned to meet the needs of our primary care practices, systems of care, community and children and families.